• Designed to prevent pressure ulcers!

    Clinically proven performance — Reduces moisture, friction & shear

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  • Bed linens ... A medical device for skin care!

    Only bedding cleared by FDA for use by atopic dermatitis sufferers

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  • DermaTherapy bed linens help prevent pressure ulcers

    The first and only bedding medical device that reduces the likelihood of patients developing pressure ulcers!

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  • Nighttime relief from atopic dermatitis, eczema, & psoriasis

    Cleaner, drier, smoother sleep surface provides more restful sleep!

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  • Bed linens for menopause sufferers

    Dramatic reduction in hot flashes and night sweats means better sleep!

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Skin Care Bedding

Bedding created specifically for individuals who suffer from skin conditions

DermaTherapy® sheets are comprised of uniquely structured fibers to effectively wick moisture away from the surface of the sheet. This new development in fabric science results in a cleaner, drier and smoother sleeping surface. And for those who suffer from skin conditions – the difference is truly remarkable. DermaTherapy is the only therapeutic bedding cleared by the FDA for use by those suffering from atopic dermatitis!
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Wound Care Bedding

The next generation of therapeutic bedding for healthcare

Whether at home, a hospital, or assisted living, you're usually sleeping on polyester/cotton or 100% cotton bedding. These cotton fabrics have no special properties or performance, despite the special healthcare needs that each of us have. Billions of dollars are spent attempting to prevent and treat skin diseases, like pressure ulcers, or hospital-acquired infections; but little attention is given to the single item with which patients have the most contact at night – the bedding! Bed linens should be an integral part of our therapeutic care. 
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Menopause Bedding

Helping women who suffer from menopause regain a restful night's sleep

There's no substitute for a good night's sleep. Thankfully, for millions of women who suffer from hot flashes and night sweats, there's a new way to stay dry and comfortable throughout the night. It's called DermaTherapy® Bedding for Menopause. These revolutionary sheets are actually proven to provide a sleeping surface that can alleviate the irritating symptoms of night sweats for menopausal women.
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